Can You Really Trust a Roofing Guy?…..Yes!

I know many of you are probably nervous about who comes to your home to do any kind of contracting work. We’ve all seen the sting videos on the nightly news and it can be downright scary. That’s why you can trust that all our staff at Forever Dry Roofing are trained to do the work the right way and to treat you the right way. I know a lot of contractors can say that but we have over 20 years of being in business with an outstanding reputation. Feel free to read any and all of these wonderful testimonials from customers just like you who will attest that Forever Dry will only recommend and do work that is in your best interest.

                                 But don’t take my word for it….

“I knew that the roof was old and was in need of replacement so I called Forever Dry Roofing because they did a great job for us in the past and I trust them.
I am happy with the solution of using the new specialize white roofing instead of the old black rubber.
The trim work looks neat and the job went as agreed. The workmen were efficient and cleaned up after themselves.
I would recommend Forever Dry Roofing for any roofing project.”

Duane E. Means
Iowa City, IA

No luck with that leaky flat roof again? Why put up with it?…Read what one of our clients found out

Doesn’t it always seem to be a problem when the wind howls especially out of the west? You know what I mean? It just seems to push water into a building in spots. This can be from many sources. But we’re experienced at finding the tricky problems and fixing them too. Have a look at what one of our clients had going on.

We have had a lot of problems with leaky flat roofs in the past and had no luck working with other contractors. Forever Dry Roofing worked with us to come up with a roofing system that was within our budget and resolved our issues. Once the Forever Dry installation team arrived, they stayed on the job until the roof was completed and did not interrupt our day to day business operations. We will definitely recommend them to our business associates in the Muscatine area.

John Wiemers
A-1 Quality Tire & Car Care
Muscatine, IA

Ready to Discover The Difference a Professional Roofing Company can make?

At Forever Dry Roofing, we take our work very seriously and that’s no accident. We created an industry-leading operations manual based around creating a great customer experience from the way we answer the phone, to performing our end-of-job checklist to making sure we don’t miss anything. Thats how we get nice comments like this…

Forever Dry Roofing has been a very good company to work with.  My experience from day one has been nothing but professional.  I contacted Forever Dry Roofing on the internet with concerns of a leaky roof day one and received a phone call day two with a response and had someone here immediately to fix our leak.  Everyone at Forever Dry Roofing we worked with met our expectations.

Thanks for all your help!!

Beth Smith
Louden Depot Community Credit Union
Fairfield, IA  52556


Is it Really Possible to love a Roofing Company?

At Forever Dry Roofing we love what we do and we love our customers. Forever Dry Roofing only recommends quality roof replacements and repairs when it is in our customer’s best interest. If there’s ever something not to your liking, we’ll work with you to make it right. It’s the only way we can make sure you get the type of experience you’ll love and want to tell your friends and family about just like these kind people who wanted to share their experience with us.

My initial experience with Forever Dry Roofing was very positive.  After three other companies came out to look at my roof due to leaks occurring inside my home and had given me estimates between $17 and $25K, Scott Petersen determined the location of the leak, fixed it, and we did not have to replace the roof.  I was very impressed with his integrity, and gave Forever Dry Roofing the bid for replacing my garage roof and to install new fascia on my house roof.  During that process, I felt comfortable telling Forever Dry Roofing that I didn’t like the appearance of the new fascia, and the company came up with a satisfactory solution quickly.  Overall, I was very happy with Forever Dry and recommend them to my friends and business associates in the Iowa City area.

Christine Alexander, Owner
Fair Grounds Coffeehouse
Iowa City, IA  52240

Is Integrity from a Roofing Company too much to ask for?

When we started this business, it was built on one principle, “Treat people like you would like to be treated.” It’s easy when you do the right thing because you can’t go wrong. The other big concern most folks have when it comes to dealing with something that can be complicated like roofing is being left in the dark by sales people and technicians. That’s something we work hard to avoid. Our staff is trained to educate our customers by speaking in plain-English instead of industry jargon. We have one desire and that’s to help you make the right decision that addresses your roofing needs and wants. Here at Forever Dry Roofing we won’t let you make a bad decision.

During the entire process, from the initial work-up with the project developer to the actual installation, the Forever Dry Roofing team was very professional and informative. All questions I had from beginning to end were answered quickly and honestly. I have known Jim Taylor for a number of years and would recommend Forever Dry Roofing for a small project such as mine and a major project would be handled in the same manner.

Terry Anding
Washington, IA 52353

Want to be more than just satisfied with your Roofing Company?

At Forever Dry Roofing, we rely on our customers to sign our praises and we know we need to earn their trust each and every day. For over 20 years, much of our work comes from already satisfied customers and referrals from our happy customers.
I began using Forever Dry Roofing over ten years ago. To date they have installed six new roofs on properties I own in the Mount Pleasant area.
I have been more than satisfied. Everyone at Forever Dry Roofing I have worked with have met my expectations. I would certainly recommend them to my friends and business associates.
Dean King
Mount Pleasant, IA  52641

Flat-roof leaking again?

Sooner or later…your roof will need replacing. Forever Dry Roofing is committed to working with building owners and managers to find solutions to meet their wants and needs and their budgets. We have expert service technicians who do repair work using only time-tested and field-proven repair materials and methods. This is a nice bonus to our highly trained install crews for when the time comes to replace that leaking roof.

We have had a lot of problems with leaky flat roofs in the past. We wanted to have the money before we did a reroofing project and as a result spent a lot of money on repairs and had a lot of damage to the inside of the building. We are glad we followed George’s advice and reroofed when we did. We haven’t had any damage since. Forever Dry Roofing always responds when we need them and never leave a mess. They accidentally dented a downspout and replaced it with no problem. I would recommend them on any roofing project.

George David Shofer
Faith Christian Outreach
Mount Pleasant, IA 52641

So, what’s it really mean to your business when a leaky roof shuts you down? …

Here at Forever Dry Roofing we know that your business and operations are the most important part of any project we do. That’s why we train our technicians in our own in-house training center on how to properly protect your property. They are spot checked to make sure they are meeting our high standards for our work and the final cleanup. We train them on how to masterfully execute our detailed job plan flawlessly. From our thorough  daily checklists that assure there is nothing overlooked to how to communicate effectively with you, the building owner, we do our very best to minimize anything that would otherwise be a disruption to you and your business.
We have had weather related problems with our roof projects in the past that have forced us to shut down our machines. George showed us how we could replace our roof system and not have any down time and it worked. The guys at Forever Dry Roofing were so unobtrusive the main office didn’t even know the roof was completed. They came and asked me when the roof was to be started and I told them it was already complete. Thanks guys for making my job less stressful.

Kevin Janacek
Lomont Molding
Mount Pleasant IA 52641

Sick of Leaks Every Time it Rains?

Many roofs can have something that is unusual or challenging to repair. This is where most problems arise and they can be challenging to fix because the problems relate to a design issue. Often times, it can be due to improper flashing heights [fancy words for how everything gets sealed] that can’t be maintained because of adding additional insulation. Some other headaches are related to trying to tying a new roof into an old roof. One more troublesome is can be achieving proper drainage. The important thing is that these conditions are recognized early on and addressed in a way that ensures you a great outcome. The trick is to avoid leaks that would otherwise cause a roof to fail before its time.

Forever Dry Roofing has been excellent to work with on our roofing project. We had an unusual roof situation, where two roofs came together, that has leaked for years. Using our design experience and Georges roofing knowledge we worked together to fix the problem permanently. I would recommend Forever Dry Roofing to anyone with a roofing problem.

Bob Eakins

Ray Man

Keota, IA 52248

Want to fix that leaky roof once and for all and help the environment?

Finding a leaky roof and helping the environment. It’s two of our favorite things to do. Plus, we love saving our customers money while we’re at it. We look for solutions that are sometimes outside the box but are time-tested and field-proven to get the type of result you want.

George looked at our roof situation and came up with a solution to our wet roof problem that saved us $175,509.00. What a savings! George also saved us from having to put all of the old roof material in the landfill. I would recommend to anyone with a flat or low slope roof like ours to listen to their ideas.

Dan Patterson

Remington Seed

Mount Pleasant, IA 52641